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Type B Roof Deck

Type B Roof Deck is a structural deck panel with 1.5" deep ribs, 6 " o.c. for an overall cover width of 36". The panel is available crimp curved (convex or concave)

  • Panel Cover Width: 36"

  • Panel Arc Length: Cut to customer specifications (26'- 0" max.). Inquire if longer required.

  • Finish: G60 or G90 Galvanized, or galvanized plus prime painted (min. quantities apply)

  • Plain or Acoustical

  • Curving:

    • Convex or Concave

    •   5'- 6" min. radius (22 ga.)

    • 13'- 0" min. radius (20 ga.)

    • 28'- 0" min. radius (18 ga)

Minimum radius will vary with gauge and the
intrinsic properties of the specific substrate (tensile strength and hardness.) For example, 33 ksi steel will curve to a tighter radius than 50 ksi steel.


  • Optional Services:

    • Deck Layout Drawings

    • Toll Curving - We can curve your deck, but deck must be 50 ksi or less. (40 ksi or less is ideal.)

  • Straight Metal Deck

Curved B Deck
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