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Looking for both Value and Style?
Curve it with Floline!


Crimp Curved Metal


Crimp Curved Roof Panels
Hanging Rod Canopy
Hanging Rod Canopy
Crimp Curved Metal Deck
Curved Awning
Curved Metal, Curved Trim, Curved Panels

Curved Panels

Crimp curved metal panels in the strong direction to form convex ("barrel") or concave ("bowl") shaped structures. 

Curved Canopies

Curved canopies offer a unique curved profile over your front entry doors and can be customized to any width and depth. 

Flat Canopies

Flat canopies are fabricated in classic rectangular shapes and offer protection from rain and snow. 

Curved Metal Deck

Crimp curved metal deck in the strong direction to form convex or concave shaped structures

Curved Awnings

Curved awning systems on structural framing secured directly to building wall structure.

Curved Trim Flashing

Curved trim flashings to match metal curved panels

Crimp Curved B Deck

Crimp Curving

What is Crimp Curving?

Color Charts

Color Charts

We have numerous color options

Curved Project Photos

pROJECT Gallery

Projects we have furnished

Curved Roof


Floline Architectural Systems, LLC provides curved and straight metal panels, awnings, canopies, and metal decking for the construction industry. Floline Architectural Systems, LLC was formed by members of the Carron family in 2005 as a result of acquiring the manufacturing assets of Floline Architectural Systems, a division of Cape Coral Steel and Paden Engineering. Cape Coral Steel had acquired the crimp curving equipment and technology from the Binkley Company in St. Louis, MO and had operated Floline Architectural Systems for the previous 12 years. Floline Architectural Systems, LLC is headquartered in Plainfield, Illinois with manufacturing operations located in Hope, Indiana (Indianapolis area).




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